His Cup

There is never a dull moment with my two boys. They certainly keep Mom and Dad on their toes. Even during the Lord’s Supper this morning, they make it interesting. Brady has been baptized and therefore, he is able to take the bread and “wine.”  Naturally, Eli can’t stand this. He gets so mad when his brother can do things and he can’t. Several times, he has tried to sneak himself a cup of juice or a wafer. I have become quite accomplished at elbowing him, while also holding the Communion tray.

This morning he was sitting behind me and after I took my own cup and bread, he motioned for me to lean over to him.

“Mom” he whispered into my ear”Can I smell your cup when you are done drinking the juice?”


That’s what he asked.

He wanted to smell my cup.

As I was trying not to burst out laughing in the middle of a very important ritual, I realized that  maybe it’s not so bad.

Maybe he just wanted to be so close to Jesus, that even if he couldn’t taste the wine, maybe he could at least smell the cup.

How close to Jesus do we want to be in our daily lives? Do we want to be far away, wrapped up in our own selves, doing our own things, telling ourselves we can do things our own way?

Or do we want to be smelling His cup?

Personally, I want to be drinking from His cup.

I once thought of myself as an independent woman. One who could pave her own paths and make her own decisions. Be in control of her own life. What I have discovered about this kind of thinking is that it doesn’t really work.

What works is when we actually become dependent. Dependent on something greater than ourselves.

Dependent on Jesus.

So you can try. You can try and make excuses. You can try and run the show. But trust me,  it’s not going to work.

Give up the control.  Start reading His word. Start listening to Him.

Start drinking from His cup.

Trust me.

It will taste better than anything else you have ever tasted.

Psalms 116:13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.


3 thoughts on “His Cup

  1. these posts had become addictive. they have become an entitlement, your are trapped forever sharing His word. what an addiction!!!!


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