Look At Me

When my children want my attention, they want all of my attention. They want Mommy time to be all about Brady and Eli.   Not halfway focused on my phone and halfway focused on them.  They will grab me by the arm and say “Mom, look at me!” They want to know they are their mother’s main priority at the moment.

They want face time.

I know these days are numbered. I looked at my 10 year old today and realized I really only have 8 more full years left with him before he is an adult. The realization took my breath away. 8 years is no time at all. Soon, he will be a teenager and I will be grabbing him by the arm, saying “Look at me!” to him.

I still want to be important to him.

Don’t we all really want to be seen? We might not be yelling “Look at me!” to one another, but we all want to be viewed as significant.

Thankfully, Jesus thinks we are significant. We are enough for Him and when we share our love for others, just as He did for us, we continue to keep glorifying Him.

Is there someone you know who needs to be really seen? Someone who may be screaming on the inside “Look at me!”  How can you extend God’s grace to this person?

How can you turn their feeling of insecurity into a feeling of significance?

Take time to really look at this person. Take time to talk. Take time to really care. Just as Christ does for us.

It may mean more than you will ever know.


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