The “Oprah” Mentality

I used to think life was about getting everything out of it that I wanted.  To have it all and to “reach for the stars.”  If I worked hard and was a good person, then I was doing OK.  My self-worth was based solely on these two things.

I like to call it the “Oprah Winfrey” mentality.

I grew up watching Oprah and pretty much took everything she said at face value. She made a gazillion dollars an hour, everyone loved her.  How could she ever be wrong? Girls can be whatever they want to be, they can do whatever they want to do. The goal is to just make yourself happy.

I don’t really know if Oprah has ever said that or not. But it’s the message I was raised with. It’s the message I took with me when I graduated high school and worked full time as I put myself through college. It’s the message I took with me when I got a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree.

Be a go getter! You can do it all!

Honestly, it wasn’t until I was in my thirties when I began to re-examine this whole “It’s all about me” mentality.

God had blessed me beyond measure.  I had an amazing husband and two great kids and a job that I loved. But I wanted more. I wasn’t content.

What more could I possibly want?

Thankfully, God began working on my heart. He placed the right people and the right Scripture  into my life at the right time. These people, and His words, opened my eyes. I realized no matter how hard I tried, if I wasn’t walking with the Holy Spirit, I was never going to be satisfied.

I realized life wasn’t about making myself happy all of the time.  I had a new focus. It was pointed towards Him.

I also found a new feeling, and it’s even better than happy.

It’s called joy.  Never felt it? Start walking with Jesus. Accept Him fully into your heart and embrace The Holy Spirit.

You won’t believe what you have been missing.


4 thoughts on “The “Oprah” Mentality

  1. Great post! So many of us have grown up with the “Oprah Mentality”. Her message fed our desire to have it all. Unfortunately, we get so focused on our plan, that we lose sight of His. And His plan is the source of true joy and happiness. What greater joy is there than in being the wife, the mother, daughter, and friend He created us to be. We get to share life with the man of our dreams, he has placed the next generation into our arms, and he has given us everything we need for life. We are His! (That should have been at the top) The essence of true joy! Sorry to ramble…


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