Do Not Disturb

Somebody  once told me I have a vibe that says “Don’t mess with me.” I thought it was really funny because, usually, I feel as if I am just the opposite. I try and be as warm and as friendly to as many people as possible. My nickname when I worked at Friendly’s in high school was “Smiley.”  People can have different perceptions of someone. I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or as an insult. “Don’t mess with me…” means…. that I’m not friendly? That I’m standoffish? That I don’t put up with anything?”

What if the person had said I put off a vibe of “Don’t mess with me, Satan”  instead?

Now that’s a compliment.

I would love to have a  “Do Not Disturb Satan” sign invisibly hanging from me, as if my body was my house. I want my relationship with the the Lord to be so steady, so firm, so strong that Satan has no way of getting into my house ever. The foundation is too solid. The walls are too thick. The doors and windows are sealed shut.

I strive to be a woman where the Devil groans “Oh no, I’m not even trying. It’s impossible. She is set apart. Her faith is unshaken, her marriage honors Jesus, her family is God fearing. She is fully protected by the Lord in all that she does. It’s just not going to happen with that woman.”

The Devil likes to use others to get into our house too. I want these people to turn away and run as fast as they can from me. My sign is too large.

Do Not Disturb.

I’m not there yet. I might not ever be. But I can keep trying. I can try and fix my eyes up above.

I can try and be set apart.

The Devil will eventually find its way in. The stronger we are in our faith, the sneakier it becomes. I just need to be ready to defeat him when darkness tries to take over.

Maybe my Do Not Disturb sign should have some flashing lights on it as well?


5 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. I love this! My mom taught me growing up that whenever I felt like satan was sneaking in, giving me anxiety, fear, etc to out loud say; get behind me Satan! It works! Something about saying it out loud and then following with a conversation with Jesus to pour his love and peace over me calms me every time! Thank you for sharing Paige!


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