I Want To Live Like That

Have you ever listened to the  song  “I Want To Live Like That” from the Sidewalk Prophets? I love belting that song out in the car. I really can’t hit the notes. It’s pretty painful but the lyrics are so powerful that I just get caught up in it. Usually my windows are rolled up so I’m not inflicting pain on people in passing cars.

My favorite line from the song is “When they see me, do they see you?” Oh I really hope you shine through me Lord. I hope I can be a guiding light in the darkness for ones who cannot see. I know my light is not always bright. It can be pretty dim at times.  But I truly do desire for others to see some parts of you when they look at me.

I am grateful to have the Holy Spirit living inside me. He guides me and  convicts me, but does the Spirit shine through so others can see it as well?

I have met people throughout my life who have the Holy Spirit pouring out from all parts of them. These people know how to live. They are, as the song says, “recklessly abandoned and never holding back.”

I want to live like that too. When people meet me, I want them to automatically know Jesus is my savior. I want to disregard what others think about me and I want to share my love of the Lord through not just my words, but my actions as well.

I want people to see you when they look at me. I want to never hold back from honoring you.

I want to live like that.

John 14:16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—


2 thoughts on “I Want To Live Like That

  1. The Holy Spirit has so changed your persona, just in a short time. Just think how it will be when He is finished. Oh, but He will never be finished doing a good thing in you until your homecoming, WOW


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