His Whispers

September 11th was fourteen years ago, but the memories of that day, and the days following it, will ,of course, be forever etched in my mind.  I remember how utterly quiet it was. The call center,where I was working on that dreadful day, became still. No phones were ringing. People were quiet, in shock and if there was any noise at all, it was the sound of people crying.

The day after, as I walked around VCU, the silence on the usually busy campus was deafening.  Students trudged around with their heads down, in mourning, still not really believing it had happened.  My math class sat in total shock. Nobody said a word. What words could be said?

It was so quiet.

I’m not sure there has ever been another time in my life where it has been so quiet.

Since that day, our world has changed entirely and it’s gotten louder. We are all completely connected now, through smart phones, and Facebook and a gazillion other apps that keep us all together all of the time. Everything is busy and loud. Problems continue to grow in our nation and across the world.  We seem more divided than ever.

I don’t know what it would take to shake us all to the core again as a country. To keep us quiet. To walk around in a united state of grief.

When Jesus calmed the storm, He said “Hush, be still.” The wind died down and it became perfectly calm. The quietness after 9/11 was a time to be calm.  To reflect on everything that was important to us.

He was whispering to us to “Be still.”

What will it take for us all to be still again? Is He is telling our country  to stop?  To reflect?  To think about what really matters? Our we so busy and wrapped up in ourselves that there is no time to listen?

When will He grow tired of speaking quietly?

9/11 is a reminder for us to be still.   It’s a reminder for us to stop and listen to His whispers.

We all need to be ready to hear them.


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