Lightning Show

I’m not the best driver at night. My contacts get all foggy, lights become blurry, it’s just not good.  Driving home tonight in a torrential downpour really put my already not-so-good driving skills to the test. To make matters even worse, I had to drive over the 295 bridge. Now this is a bridge I don’t like driving over when it’s calm and sunny outside. It’s huge and intimidating and I swear my tiny, little car sways in the wind as I drive over it. Tonight it was raining so hard the rain appeared to be coming up from the ground instead of down from the sky.

As I was clutching the steering wheel with a WWF wrestler death grip, going 20 miles an hour, I started  praying to Jesus to just let me get over the bridge. What happens next? A tractor trailer comes barreling by, going at least 60 miles an hour and sprays water all over my car.


I couldn’t see before, now I really couldn’t see.

Finally, I started to rely on the lightning. It was beautiful tonight. Almost as if God was putting on His own illumination show. It was practically every other second and when it flashed, it would light up the entire sky, filling the road ahead of me with light so I could see.

When you’re in a storm, and it seems as if it going to get worse before it gets better, keep looking for those flashing lights.   He is still there. You might  not see Him all of the time, maybe just in small flashes, but His presence is constant.

Lighting the path ahead, just for us.

Psalms 107:29 He caused the storm to be still, So that the waves of the sea were hushed.


3 thoughts on “Lightning Show

  1. indeed that is one scary bridge. I thought I was the only one that feared it . I mostly will take an alternate route because of my phobia. But I will never again drive the 895 bridge, no, no, no!!!!
    Did you know that the fear of falling is the only fear we are born with? All other fears are acquired

    Maybe that’s God’s reminder when falling from grace ? .


    1. I had to go over 895 on my way to school yesterday in a downpour!! that was almost just as bad except it was still daylight. That’s an interesting point about the fear of


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