Down In My Heart

“Jesus Loves Me” has always been one of the background songs of my life. From as early as I can remember, I always believed what the lyrics of the song were saying, Jesus loved me. I didn’t really know why He did, but I knew He did.

When I was four, I was given my first bible in Sunday School. The bible was almost as big as me.  I can remember walking from the class to the front of the church and really struggling to carry it down the hall.

I can also remember it being important to me. Even at four years old, I knew Jesus loved me and I knew my bible was important.  That was about all I knew.

At ten, I can remember hearing the song  “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Joy (Down In My Heart)” and wanting to really feel that joy. I couldn’t feel it.    I knew Jesus loved me. I knew my bible was important.  I just didn’t know what that joy was.

Not yet.

I experienced many moments of happiness in my life. Graduating from college. Getting married. Of course becoming a mother. Having a wonderful job.  All joyous occasions.  I was happy. I had everything I could ever want.

Still I didn’t feel it. Not the kind they talked about in the song.  Not the pure joy in  the depths of my heart.

It was time to let someone else into my life. Time to stop trying to make my own rules.  Time to let Him take over.

The Holy Spirit came and took up residence.

He brought something with Him too.


And with joy comes peace. Just like in the song.

“I’ve got the peace that passes understanding.”

Now I do understand.

With joy comes peace. With peace comes joy.

Pure joy and utterly comforting peace.

And they are down in my heart to stay.


2 thoughts on “Down In My Heart

  1. Amen! Have a great week back!

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