As a writer, I am constantly revising and editing my work. When I sit down at night to write my blog, I will write a few sentences, read them,then change some things around.  Keep writing, read it, change some things around. Over and over again. Finally, when I am finished, I go to bed and let it “marinate.” In the morning, I read it and fix it  until I  feel as if it looks and sounds acceptable enough to submit.

It’s a slightly different process when it comes to writing magazine articles. I do lots of revisions on those pieces. However, I am also blessed with an editor who reads it and then sends it back to me with what she likes or doesn’t like and with editing corrections etc.

Editors are great at reading your work and giving their expert opinion on what will work and not work for their particular magazine. They have years of experience and can pick up on things you might not have even realized. The good editors also make sure your voice is still heard throughout the article, while making sure you have an active part of the revision process by asking questions you might not have thought about before.

This last year, I have come to realize we have an editor living inside of us as well. When I need revision, I can rely on the The Holy Spirit to help revise and edit my soul.

The Editor In Chief of my soul picks up on lots of things: My selfish ways, my pride, my stubbornness. The Holy Spirit also puts lots and lots of questions into my head, making sure I am not veering astray, while helping me realize and look at things I might not  have noticed before I started my walk with Christ.  Helping me to figure out when I need to start over, correct or just erase.

Revision is the heart of the writing process. It can turn a piece of writing from mediocre to magnificent.  When we revise our souls with the Holy Spirit, we are also no longer mediocre.  We are, in fact, magnificent.

John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;


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