One Upping 

Recently, my youngest child Elijah has been suffering from a serious case of the “One Uppers.”  His poor big brother suffers the most from  little bro’s  illness. “How much fruit did you eat yesterday Brady? Well I had more.” “How late did you sleep in this morning Brady? Well I slept in longer.”  “I took two showers yesterday and you only took one!” Yep. That’s how bad it’s gotten.  

As the little brother who is used to doing things second in line,  I think Eli just wants to feel some sense of accomplishment.   He just doesn’t realize how completely obnoxious it can be.   Then I start to think about how I sometimes like to one up my husband. If he says he cut the grass and is really tired, I might point out how I have had the kids all day which makes me really tired. Or if he has had a hard day at work, I have to tell him how mine was much harder.  

Yikes. I guess Eli and I both need to be convicted.  

James warns us that boasting can be evil. It’s just really hard to explain that to my little boy. I try to tell him it hurts others feelings and makes him look like he only cares about himself. His big blues eyes just stare at me. He is not getting it. Finally, I use what I should have used in the first place, the scriptures.  I read to him from Psalms 75:5 and I think that it  gets through to him. (I’m also assuming that’s where the phrase-“Toot your own horn” comes from.)  When I finish , I ask him who is the only person we should be boasting  about?” 

He points upwards.  

Mission accomplished. For today anyways. I’m hoping it will last.  As his mother, I need to make sure I am also modeling the behaviors I expect him to live out.   When I get the urge to “one up” my husband (or anyone else for that matter) I need to keep in mind we have all already been one upped.  Jesus died on the cross and rose again.  That’s the ultimate “one upping” 

Psalms 75:5 Do not lift up your horn on high. Do not speak with insolent pride. 


3 thoughts on “One Upping 

  1. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, and it is the root of all sin and it started in the garden with Adam and Eve. It has become the “new norm” in this society, just watch NFL football.


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