Hot & Cold

My boys are all about the hot tub at the beach condo we rent every year. They love getting into the pool when it’s cool, getting really cold and then jumping into the hot tub to warm up. Then they love getting back into the pool to cool off again. I guess it’s the shock of the hot to cold they think is so fun. But they do it over, and over, and over again.

When Christians are baptized they confess their faith in Jesus Christ and their souls are cleaned from previous sins. This doesn’t mean we stop sinning. Obviously we all fall short at the Cross, but a life of sanctification hopefully begins when we emerge from the water.

As my boys kept immersing themselves in the different temperatures of water, I couldn’t help but think about baptism.  When many emerge from a baptism they feel that warmth of the water, like in the hot tub, and their hearts are on fire for Jesus Christ. Over time though, many start to feel that itch for the ice cold pool again. I’ve been here many, many times. Walking with Jesus is not an easy job. The warmth of the hot tub can become too hot at times. People may question this new you, they may turn away from you and you may feel alone. Why not take a dip back in the old pool you used to know? Wouldn’t it be just be easier to go back to your old ways?

Dear Paige, Jesus wants you to keep on this journey. So make sure your hot tub is full! Full of supportive Christians, full of scripture and full of prayer! Even when the temperature gets too hot, He will be there to get you through it.  Just hold tight, keep the faith and wait for the waters to cool. 

Acts 22:16  And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name.’


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