Softly and Tenderly 

My father in law was driving to my husband’s 40th surprise party Saturday night when he suddenly had the idea to have a few of our friends sing his favorite church hymn at the party. The song, Softly and Tenderly,  is not just a favorite song, it was the invitational  song that was playing 17 years ago when Landon, my husband, accepted Christ into his life.  The amazing thing is I had written a toast for Landon earlier in the day which also included mention of the song. I wasn’t planning on singing it (we know that’s not my gift) but  I think God really wanted us to talk about that hymn!

It’s such a beautiful song about the patience our Lord has for us. He is soft. He is tender. He is waiting for us to come home.

Landon can be a man of little patience! Whether it’s eating dinner too late or driving in heavy traffic, he doesn’t do many things softly and tenderly.  You know when he’s hungry. You know when heirs patience has run out.

He’s a man of little patience, except when it comes to helping bring people to the Lord.  You see, Landon took a gamble when he married me. I was not yet woman who was walking with Christ. But he was patient. He was soft and he was tender. He never pushed.

He always had faith I would come home.

Dear Paige, sometimes it’s better to be soft and tender. Have patience in the Lord and have patience in His plans for others. Remember we are all walking on different parts of His map. With lots of prayer and lots of  faith,God willing, we will all  get to the same golden gates one day.


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