Stumbles and Falls

We made it! Today is our last day in NYC and I would like to think we have started to get more comfortable with this whole city, New Yorker life.  On Monday morning, all of the teachers attending the institute looked a little nervous and not really sure of where we were all going. On Thursday, you could tell we were gaining a little more confidence. We had our Metro cards and we were walking with a purpose. It just took a little time. Of course I still can’t swipe my metro chard right and then I tripped in a hole on the side walk as I was trying to perfect my “New Yorker” walk. Oops. I guess I still need a little more time.

It’s kind of how I feel sometimes on my walk with Jesus. We could be strolling along, Him by my side, and oops-here comes a big pothole. I start to stumble. It’s hard walking in faith. There are a lot of potholes, big and little, that test me every single day. It’s easier to take a side street. It’s easier to make a u-turn. Walking straight, with a purpose, is really, really hard. Thankfully, I’m walking with The Right Guy.

Dear Paige, Keep moving forward in your walk.  Jesus loves you through  through all of your stumbles, through all of your u-turns and, most importantly, through all of your falls. He is always there to pick you up. 

Psalms 89:15
How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! O LORD, they walk in the light of Your countenance.


2 thoughts on “Stumbles and Falls

  1. I am thankful for stumbles and falls in life, because w/o them I would not have a forgiving relationship with Jesus. I am sure He allows me to stumble and fall so I will not become so self righteous. Ain’t He smart?.


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