The Stubborn Pieces

Thanks to my steam straightener, aka best invention ever, I am able to straighten my very (very) thick hair pretty often. Usually, I am able to finish it in under an hour It would be faster but there are these few stubborn pieces. I don’t know what it is but there are these curls on the back of my head that do not want to straighten up. They fight it everyday. It drives me crazy. I can run the iron over the same strands over and over again and they still stay the same, laughing at me in all of their curly glory.

Stubborn and refusing to straighten up, those curls are kind of like me sometimes.  I like to do things my way.  I think I know it all. I don’t always want to do what’s in God’s plan.  Thankfully, He is patient with me. He keeps working on me even though I don’t want to be straightened out. He doesn’t give up on me.

Dear Paige, Just like those stubborn curls, you will eventually straighten yourself out. When those back pieces start to twist again, know He is going to be there to fix them. He doesn’t even need the 200 degree straightening iron. His power and grace are enough. 

Psalm 22:19 19 But you, O LORD, be not far off; O my Strength, come quickly to help me.


3 thoughts on “The Stubborn Pieces

  1. With today’s contemporary music in our worship services, we miss out on the many sermons that are preached in the old traditional hymns of the past. As I was reading your post, my radio was playing “Come, Thou Fount”. So appropriate as you wrote of “straightening out stubborn pieces”.
    I erg you to Google the words of this old hymn and hang on to each of them, they have so much to say. Words like grace, melodious sonnet, flaming tongues, ebenezer, hither, Jesus sought me, and my favorite ” like a fetter bind my wandering heart to the” love, your favorite father-in-law


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