Still There 

Mom headed off to the Big Apple yesterday for a work conference and my boys were not very pleased about it. Eli threatened to hide himself in the car and then throw himself on the train Mission Impossible style.  It was really sweet how sad they were. Sort of makes up for all of the moments they tell me to “leave them alone” and to “go away” so they can play the Xbox and do their cool big boy stuff.

To calm my little special agent down, I showed him how to text and FaceTime me on his IPod. The sense of security he received from this was precious. Needless to say. he’s Facetimed me about a gazillion times already.

Eli misses me and needs some type of connection to me in order to feel secure. Knowing that he can talk to me,when I’m so far away,helps alleviate some of his worries.

One day, I pray, Eli will discover an even stronger connection to help him feel secure. It’s stronger than any text or FaceTime call will ever be. One day, I hope, Eli will find his strength in The Holy Spirit. Knowing that The Holy Spirit is right there in his heart, and right beside him, will help calm his worries. The best part about it? He is always there to listen. There are no busy signals with God.

Dear Paige, when you feel worried or scared, remember He is right there beside you. He’s the ultimate right hand man giving  you all of the strength and comfort that you will ever need. No cellphones required.

Psalm 16:8 I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.


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