Just Keep Trying

My sweet, gentle spirited Brady went off to VCU basketball camp yesterday morning. He was so excited to actually get to spend the entire day on the floor of the Siegel Center.   Basketball is his thing. It’s the first thing he thinks about in the morning and the last thing he thinks about at night. This morning, before he left, he snuggled up next to me during my bible time. Normally, I get a little (ok a lot) frustrated when my quiet time is interrupted, but he was bursting with excitement and also a little nervous about his day.  The rest of our house was asleep, so the peaceful morning appeared to be the perfect opportunity for some God talk with my oldest son.

First, we talked about the NBA MVP Stephen Curry and how he tries to honor Jesus first in everything that he does. He uses his fame as a platform to speak with others about The Lord and explains how he can’t do any of it without Jesus. Stephen Curry uses his fame for His glory.  Reading to Brady from Luke, I talked to him about someone else who was chosen to be The Lord’s servant in a much more powerful way.  Mary was chosen to have the Son of God. Yet, even though she was highly favored by Him, Mary still made sure everything she did was all about The Mighty One. Not herself. She was his humble servant.

Using Mary and Stephen Curry, I explained to Brady that no matter what he did at camp that day, he needed to make sure, first and foremost,  he was glorifying Jesus.

He looked at me like “Huh? How do I do that?”

That’s a good question Mom. How do we teach our children to glorify Jesus?

Well I tried. I’m hoping I got it right. I told him when you make a basketball shot and everyone cheers, be humble about it and know you can’t do it without Him. When another kid forgets his snack money, share yours.  Respect your coaches, work hard and show others a Christ like love. This is glorifying Him in all that you do.  I think he got it. Hopefully.

Then I explained to my sweet little boy he is still a human and he will mess this up too. We all mess this up. The point is, Jesus died so we would be forgiven and so we can continue to keep trying. Keep trying to serve him and keep trying to glorify him every day.

Dear Paige, you are going to mess this up because that is what humans do. The great thing about walking with Him is He will make you better. He is in your heart and all around you. When you stumble, He will pick you up and push you forward. Be humble too, remembering it’s never about you. Make sure all you do is about His glory. 

Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


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