A Steady Light

Have you ever overheard a conversation and you couldn’t stop yourself from listening to it?  The other day, while out with the boys, I heard a group of ladies just totally slamming another woman. It was so bad I really started to wonder what in the world the other woman had done to them.  They were talking rather loudly and from what I could gather, without making assumptions, the woman came from a background that was not like their own backgrounds and they were not very fond of her entrance into their social circle.

Guess where their social circle was? Yep. You got it. Church. When they mentioned being Christians, my stomach just turned. I wanted to go up to them and ask what church they went to- just so I wouldn’t ever enter its doors.

It was very convicting for me to be sitting away from these ladies and to observe from afar. I have been guilty of doing what they were doing. Oh yes indeed. My foot and my mouth have met each other several times.   I don’t think these ladies really thought they were doing anything wrong, although they did ask one woman, who was being rather quiet, if she liked to “gossip about other people too.”  These women did not realize how bad they sounded. Or maybe they did, I don’t know and just didn’t care. Either way, the example they were setting for Christians made me really sad. It also made me really think about the example I need to be setting in this world as a Christian.

When you walk with Jesus, it sometimes feels like  you are holding a mirror in front of you at all times. Or it should feel like that right? He begins to convict your heart and once this starts to happen, you begin to wonder how you can become more like Him in everything that you do.  But when you get caught up in all that this world is, His reflection starts to fade.

Dear Paige, Remember you are, foremost, a reflection of Jesus.  Make others see Him inside of you first.  Not the you that’s inside of this world. Be a steady light, leading the way and not one that flickers on and off, unsure of where to go.  When His reflection is there, you can do all things,  so shine your light as brightly as you can. 

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


7 thoughts on “A Steady Light

  1. good job, I need that mirror daily, I pray, Lord you know me better than I know myself. Search the deepest part of my heart for anything that is displeasing to You. Cleanse me of my wondering ways and lead me in Your good and righteous way.


  2. That is sad. I wish I was there, so that I could have talked to those ladies. Church is full of clicks and it can be very hurtful at times. It feels worse to be hurt by people you think of as Christians.


  3. This sounds like what I overheard my first day in choir at a new church (not EBC). I almost didn’t go back. But what it did do is convict me about gossip. I find myself sometimes participating, especially with my family, for the sake of having a conversation. I would love to talk about revelations of Christ, or newly discovered facts about our world, or the need to take action for the sake of children, or newly discovered educational innovations for kids, or current events, but that is hard to do when those around you look bored to tears when you begin this route of gab. So I find myself falling into old habits with comfortable people, then wishing I hadn’t said anything instead. Because really all I done was try to make someone else look bad for the sake of entertaining those around me, and that is not Christ. So, I have in the past couple of years tried to not participate and find myself silent many times at a dinner table. But better silent, than sinful.


    1. This is why we are doing that new bible study 😉 That is a great point Annett..sometimes it’s like “What else do we talk about?” My mom and I have talked about this. She said we go “off roading and need to get back on the right track” A good point to remember


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