The Grand Prize

My legs are so sore as I write this post. We just arrived home from Busch Gardens and are all completely exhausted. Riding roller coasters and being out in the heat all day can really take a toll on you. While the boys love riding rides and eating junk food, they also love playing those darn games. You know the ones. The ones that cost five dollars and it’s a miracle if your kid wins. If they do happen to win something, it’s certainly not something you would have chosen to spend five dollars on.

Eli has never won anything ever. In fact it’s become a Busch Garden’s tradition that Eli picks a game, loses it and then throws a straight up- can you believe he’s almost 8- temper tantrum.

Thankfully, the Heavens were in his favor today! He picked a basketball game and actually won. His prize? A tacky, little green pillow with the words Busch Gardens on it. His reaction? Pure joy. He could not believe he won something! Finally! Thank you Jesus! It didn’t matter how big or how small the prize was, he was just so happy to have finally won something. He couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. He probably told his brother twenty times about it.   His cousins heard it about twenty times too.

I hope one day when he wins the biggest prize- acceptance of Christ into his heart and a relationship with the Holy Spirit, that he is just as excited to tell everyone. I hope he shouts it from the rooftops! I hope he can’t wait to tell all he can about it over and over again.

Why is it so easy to tell others about the winnings happening in our daily lives (promotion at work, acceptance into graduate school, new house) but it’s so hard to tell people about what winning the grand prize feels like? I’m so guilty of this. It can be very hard for me to discuss my love of Christ to others. But isn’t He worth the most recognition?

Dear Paige, He is the ultimate prize. Talk about him with a childlike enthusiasm. Share your joy for Him with others, just like you would share your other joys. Letting others know about your biggest “win” may hopefully help win them over someday too. 

Psalm 119:4 I will speak of your statutes before kings and will not be put to shame,


2 thoughts on “The Grand Prize

  1. we always have the sinful urge to tell others about how good we are at performing tasks, because we think we actually have the talent and skills to prove it. we seldom think of Him giving us the talent or skill. But when He gives us the power of the Holy Spirit others that don’t have it don’t understand. Therefore we are reluctant to share what He has done because we did not have that talent or skill to save ourselves. good job gal


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