No Limits

There is nothing my husband loves more than getting up early to go fish a bass tournament. He loves the morning sunrise, he loves when all of the boats speed down the river, racing to different spots, filled with fishermen hoping to catch the heaviest bag of fish. Sometimes he has a good day and other times, it’s a disappointment. On the days he comes home disheartened, I try to remind Landon of God’s plan for him.  Obviously, I don’t know what the finished road map of Landon’s life looks like, but I do know the person walking that map.  My husband has an incredible ability to grasp the Word and, with that, has an easy way of telling others about God in a way that makes sense.  It’s a remarkable gift and one he is using to honor our Lord. The gifts we receive from Him (and we all have something) are all part of God’s plan for us. Whether we are good with people, good with words or good with our hands, we need to remember all of our gifts were given to us to help glorify Jesus.  Landon is starting to recognize-and use- his gifts more clearly.  On the days he comes home discouraged about not winning a tournament or not meeting his limit, I gently remind him that God just has “bigger fish” for him to catch. There is no limit in His type of fishing.

Dear Paige, Remember your gifts are part of His plan for you. There is no greater satisfaction than using your personal presents from God to honor God.  Cultivate your gifts, while helping others recognize how they can glorify Him as well. 

Matthew 4:19 – And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.


2 thoughts on “No Limits

  1. I completely agree! It took me a while to learn that in order to serve Him, I don’t have to necessarily do it through a church setting. I can serve Him through my gifts even in a public school setting. We can all serve Him with our gifts no matter where we are. LOVE it! 🙂


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