The Quick Queue

My children (and husband as a matter of fact) hate waiting for just about anything. It doesn’t matter where we are, if there is a long line, Eli will immediately throw his hands  up in the air and say “Nope. Not doing it.” The thought of waiting  is just pure torture for him.  In this world of instantaneous access to almost everything, having patience seems to be a thing of the past. While we were visiting Water Country today, my boys found out about the “Quick Queue.” Oh my. They could not believe that we do not  pay extra for the opportunity to basically “butt ahead” of everyone in line and not have to wait.  One kid, who was fortunate enough to have this speedy privilege,  actually mocked the “commoners” as he passed us in line. I need to learn to appreciate these moments.  Well not the mocking kid moment, but the moments when we have limited access to electronics or anything else that can distract us. We have nothing else to do but stand there and communicate with each other. Now communicating for my boys means taking leaves off of nearby bushes and poking each other with the stems, but hey, whatever works.

Do you ever feel like life seems to becoming a Quick Queue? We are always trying to find the quickest, best way to get somewhere? To do something? To be something? Why does everything have to be so fast? Have you ever noticed that the happiest, most pleasant people aren’t the ones rushing around trying to get to the front of the line? Nope. The happiest ones are the ones that appreciate every moment and use it to their advantage. They are the ones enjoying the quality time with their family as they wait. Laughing and joking in line and just being together.  We never read about Jesus sprinting down the road with his disciples to see who could get from one village to the next the fastest! Hardly.  Jesus took his time. His sweet time.

Dear Paige-Appreciate being in the moment. Life is short enough as it is. When you feel the urge to jump to the front of the line, take a moment and think about where His spot in line would be.

Proverbs 16.32

Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.


4 thoughts on “The Quick Queue

  1. This is so true! I was reading a devotional this morning that lines up with this blog. We have started incorporating he “high/low” at dinner time. Often we come home from our busy days and out of habit or formality we ask the infamous “how was your day”? I noticed that the responses are typically a rant of complaints or a simple “ok”. Asking the high/low of the day offers opportunities to do many things. I find that it brings self awareness to the order and focus of our day, to be more detail with communicating with our loved ones, connect and stay in close covenant with each other, and unifies us as we give each other an opportunity to speak with limited interruptions. There is no right or wrong answer and keeps us grounded. After listening to the highs and the lows of our day we reflect on how much of that did we give to God? God is LOVE and what He desires is relationship. Being patient is something that we all probably have to constantly remind ourselves to be. Just think how patient God is with us as he molds and shapes us into true disciples of Christ. Great post Paige!


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