Obstacle Courses

This week My STEAM camp kids have been working hard on creating intricate mazes for their classmates to navigate through with a small game piece.One of the requirements for the maze is to construct some type of obstacle that blocks the the game piece from making it through. Whether it’s a dead end, a magnetic force field or a deep hole, the students have to find a way around it and to the end of their maze.

It’s a lot like life right? We might not encounter a huge magnet with nails at the end of it, but we certainly encounter many road blocks and never ending problems. How do we overcome them and get to the end of the maze successfully? Thankfully, unlike the courses my kids are designing, His directions are actually written to get us around the dead ends and over (or out of) the deep holes. Not only are they written to get us through the course, they are written to get us through with a joyful and content heart!

Dear Paige, Feel like you can’t make it through? Feel like nobody cares what you think? Read the only direction manual you will truly ever need. Follow the directions below at least once a day. Try not to create your own rules. Those typically end up backfiring on you anyways.

1. Open your Bible
2. Read it
3. Pray
4. Repeat number three throughout the day when needed.

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


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