A New Creation

My adventures as a STEAM camp counselor started today. Students all remained alive and  I managed to not burn my school down. Score!  I will really be winning if I can make it through  the rest of camp without any of them (or myself) losing body parts.    One of the bigger projects for STEAM camp is the “Take Apart Lab.”  Children each bring in an older electronic device from home (VCR, CD player, computer hard drive etc) and they get to use tools to take it apart.  Using the removed pieces, students will then begin designing a brand new invention.  As a teacher, I am the one who helps the students when they get stuck. Equipped with my hammer and crowbar, I patiently pulled apart and pried open many different types of electronics today. Once they were open fully, my sweet students diligently took the rest apart, unscrewing circuit boards, cutting wires and setting them aside for their new designs.

Do you think He ever feels like he is tinkering with an old piece of equipment when He is looking down on each member of His flock?  He waits patiently for us to follow Him and His ways, unscrewing bolts gently one at a time, delicately pulling off different layers until we  realize His presence and start to desire Him above all else. Other times He feels the need to get out His hammer and smash us apart. Exposing our souls and our intentions immediately, propelling us to start over as a “new design.” His design. Made for the purpose of glorying Him.  Using His gentle grace and the striking of His hammer, He is constantly hoping for a reinvention of our souls.

Dear Paige, whether it’s with a patient screw driver or a pounding hammer, He wants nothing more than to draw you closer to him. He has exciting plans for you. You are His invention and are like no other. Made in His image and for His purpose alone.

Acts 17:25
And He is not served by human hands, as if He needed anything. Rather, He Himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else.


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