Nope. Not This Guy

My husband’s best friend Wayne is the king of catch phrases for the Tucker family. Without even trying to be funny, he will say something and, for some reason, it will crack my husband and sons up. There are phrases he said years ago they are still laughing over. The other day, while having a relatively quiet day fishing out on the water, Wayne became frustrated with the amount of pleasure boats that soon arrived, interrupting his trip. He grumbled to himself “Nope, not this guy” and headed back to the boat dock. As he recalled the day’s events back to Landon, he repeated his previous comment and it immediately became the newest catch phrase at the Tucker house. All weekend long I have been listening to my husband and sons say “Not this guy” and then burst into hysterics. I don’t know why they think it’s funny, but they do. After hearing it for the umpteenth time, I started thinking about another man who once repeated those same words. When God allowed Satan to test His faithful and fortunate servant Job, taking him from a life of blessings to the depths of depravity, Job still continued to praise Him. He loses his wealth, he loses his children, his body becomes afflicted with boils, and all the while, Job continues to say “Nope, not this guy.” Job’s own wife even begs him to condemn The Lord, but Job holds fast, praising him through the darkest of storms. He’s not going to be that guy ever. Even when he has absolutely nothing left, Job will continue to love his Lord and never “sin with his lips.”

There are many men (and women) who took the same steadfast position as Job throughout the Bible, enduring trials that would break down many with little faith. Instead of turning away from our Lord, they brushed the dirt off their shoulders and said “Nope, not this guy.” Standing firm with their undying devotion to Him.

Dear Lord, When my life is full of blessings, let me continue to praise you. When my life is full of sorrow, let me continue to praise you. When this world tries to pull me in to it’s silly and pointless ways, let me turn my back to it and continue to praise you. Allow me to always be a “Not this guy” kind of girl.

Job 27:3-4 – “As long as my breath is in me, and the Spirit of God is in my nostrils, my lips will not speak falsehood, and my tongue will not utter deceit.”


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